Monday, February 1, 2010

ak stress.

in these times of examination (tak jmpe ayat best utk translate dari "di ambang pperiksaan sperti kini"), we cant deny it. sumpah stress.
so i decided to waste some 15 minutes to post this. (hilang stres la sgt post blog)
mcq da hncur. hope essay will make up for the loss.
since this is the 1st post since so long ago, i thot of doing some amal jariah.
n by dat lets tmbah more stresssnesss by reading thissss
document i dug up from case 3 if im not mistaken.
Differential Diagnosis of Chest Pain.

gudluck for the finals everybody. hope this in some way helps.
p/s: the resolution sucks because i didnt scan or copy paste from the original docx, i use the "save as a different format" option.

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