Monday, September 13, 2010

Lipid Ridden Adipose Tissue 2

Its the 4th day of raya, and my house turned gloomy right after my cousins and aunts head back to kl.
man its depressing.
dah la boring lepas raya sume dah takde.
abes2 raya, timbang, hamek ko.

naek 3 kg nyah!
imagine, that very raya eve, i weigh 92.1
2nd day of raya i gained 3 kg, and im up to 95kg.
3kg in two days. 2 days man. gle la.

tataw ape nak kate dah.
dah la dpress rumah sunyi, makin gemuk lagi.
ok pose lagi sbulan jom #$%^&

Lipid Ridden Adipose Tissue

Rasa mcm baru semalam landing kat malaysia, dah nak kene balik sane.
malasnye rasa nk balik. kene bgn pagi, kene setadi argh malas sial. haih nak wat mcm mane.

anyway, haritu mase baru sampai mesia, mak told me she went to london weight management ke ape tah, ala one of those slimming regime company.
in addition to that wasting of money, mak decided to look for diet based weight lost programme.
so finally she heard about Herbalife.

And so we went to a local distributer that have already set a shop and name it "nutrition club".
They were suppose to give its member healthy meals, in the morning and afternoon, replacing break fast and dinner respectively.
and what were they serving?

Milk shakes! but minus the milk!
that was supposed to replace a breakfast and a dinner..?

I was skeptical the be honest.
The fact that ur suppose to replace a whole meal with a drink seemed ridiculous.
Then the aunty whose trying to convince mak started to talk about
total fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, total water content, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR and other terms in human physiology.

the combination of being an ass and a used-to-be,-worn-out-debater, i started to question her knowledge.
yelah, bile aunty tepi jalan starts to talk about the stuff that u study separuh mati, dengan senang lenang like it was piece of cake, panas gak kan, betul ke aunty ni taw kan.
takut jgk mnde ni scam.
she managed to answer correctly until we reached a question about BMR (basal metabolic rate).

"ni ape pulak aunty"
"BMR ho itu kalau lagi tinggi, tara bagus ho. lagi u kuat makan loh"

i was like... what.....

"oww yeke mcm tu aunty. ok2. tapi 'b' tu ape 'm' tu ape 'r' tu ape..?"

aaunty tu tkebil2.

"itu ha.. wa tataw.."

aku pon tergelak mengalah kan syaitan di dalam hati. jahatnye aku. xdela, u shud know everything about ur own product that ur selling.

basal metabolic rate actually is the lowest value of ur rate of metabolism, when u are resting.
sbb bile kite sedang exercise ke, berlari ke, jawab exam ke, tgh digest makanan ke, metabolic rate kte berubah2 mengikut ap kite sedang buat.
so mcm mana nk measure and compare metabolic rate setiap individu kan.
later on it was discovered that metabolic rate remains constant selepas kite stop makan for 12 hours and berada di dalam environment suhu sederhana.

its the least amount of energy that our body require to maintain life.
and in other words, its also the amount of energy that is used/burned during rest.
thats why control of bmr is very popular in weight loss. and the higher ur lean weight/muscle mass, the higher ur BMR.

dah puas menyoal siasat aunty ni, dy pon timbang la mak aku.
dy measure weight fat content, muscle mass bmr ape sume lah.
last2 dy soh aku jgk.
ak pon "ok"

timbang2.... cube teka berat aku berapa?

99.9kg kaching!!
gile babeng. 3 tahun naek 35kg.
gle hape.
orang tu pon komen la satu satu item bone mass la bmr la ape la same la ngn mak aku.
tapi dy ckp,

"tapi u punya muscle mass ade tinggi sikit la"

aku pon mcm ehem2 biasa la

"tapi u punya fat content pon tggi jugak lorh"


maka dy pon soh beli botol milk-shake-without-the-milk tu. aka formula 1.

its been almost a months and a few weeks.
im down to 92.
very slow progress kan.
tapi itu mase belum raya. dah raya lagi panjang cite dye.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Oh, oh, oh, to touch and feel virgin girl's vagina so hott.

Some say marry money, but my brother says big boobs matter more.

"ha ape aku mencarut ni?!"

google it. ull ENJOY it and SMILE to urself then , hehe.

Monday, February 1, 2010

ak stress.

in these times of examination (tak jmpe ayat best utk translate dari "di ambang pperiksaan sperti kini"), we cant deny it. sumpah stress.
so i decided to waste some 15 minutes to post this. (hilang stres la sgt post blog)
mcq da hncur. hope essay will make up for the loss.
since this is the 1st post since so long ago, i thot of doing some amal jariah.
n by dat lets tmbah more stresssnesss by reading thissss
document i dug up from case 3 if im not mistaken.
Differential Diagnosis of Chest Pain.

gudluck for the finals everybody. hope this in some way helps.
p/s: the resolution sucks because i didnt scan or copy paste from the original docx, i use the "save as a different format" option.