Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

israel???? wtf

diz morning, egt nk std,
then tbe2 im curious what song is  still on the top 10 chart.
is it still the cliche-sound-like 'Right Around' by Flo Rida. (cpt bosn)

so i open up itunes n visited itunes store.
as i was looking 4 da link 4 da chart, sumthing caught my eye.
it was under ''WHAT'S HOT'' in music category.
guess what.

theres a guy named ISRAEL Hughton!

oh cumon Mr n Mrs hughton, u can do better than dat.
naming ur child by 
1. a country's name
   1.1 n its not even a country!!   its just a piece of land (a preety huge chunk really) owned by                palestinians that was taken  away by military force n forced the UN to recognise it.

2. weird sounding name dat will most probably b hated by muslims all over the world. 
its not even cool. y wud u go around n name ur child ISRAEL.

It turns out dat hes an award winning singer. but in christianity/gospel genre la (of course!).

n to my dissapointment, his voice were amazing. he can even top ne-yo (i think)
man. how i wanted so much to hate diz guy. haizz.

rude kah...? huh

today's class went as normal. but after the practical juz now,
Dr Rania asked us to ensure dat weve seen
the spleen in the jar.

so we went to the Anatomy Museum (kinda) (dlm U gk)
pas pning2 cr spleen, ad r a few dak mlayu msuk gk. i knew 1 of them.
then i rmmbred she was the 1 who kept bugging me  a few months 
ago to make blog.
so now dat i have 1,

''weh syzna, ak da ad blog''
''ow, tawu''
''sum1 showed it to me''
''org ckp blog yg rude''

rude=biadab=kuang hjar
is dat realy so?
i think my language is quite..... normal.
is my blog realy rude..?
i dun know.
u tell me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

burnin up 4 u bebeh.

Paranoia is juz da prfect word.
y? y r u so paranoid dat im gona run away.
i wont. n u know so. 
diz is juz a part of the rough  patch dat we have 2 go through.
hold on.

speaking of burning up,
have u ever wonder y,
during fever, ur body temperature is over the roof,
but u feel so freaking cold..?
the answer may not b so simple,
but this is simplified version of th whole mechanism.

see, when ur normal, n u have no fever, 
our body temperature is 37°C(+-0.4).
n we maintain this through our hypothalamus.
there is diz thing called 'setpoint' or thermoregulatory setpoint.
this setpoint in our hypothalamus  points at 37°C.
its like the knob dat control the speed of ur fan,
or the button on the remote control of ur air conditioner.
it is the temperature dat U WANT,
the temperature that the BRAIN WANT us to be,
or the temperature SHOULD BE ACHIEVED.

lets say ur body temp reach 33°C, meaning the ACTUAL TEMPERATURE goes BELOW THE SETPOINT.
so ur brain wud tell ur body,

''hey2, ur tooo cold. better do sumthing bout it''
so u wud shiver, look 4 more heat sources, vasoconstriction n so on (boring stuff)

wut if ur body temp reach 38°C, meaning the ACTUAL TEMPERATURE goes WAY ABOVE THE SETPOINT.
so ur brain is tell ur body,

''hey2, ur too hot. better do something bout it''
so u wud move less, run away from heat, vasodilation n so on (again, boring)

dats what happen in a normal guy.
but if u got a fever, this is wut happen:

there is this thing called 
                    pyro=fire                   gen=agents
they r substances dat cause us to burn up, raise temperature,
specificly raise our setpont. but we'll get to dat later.

theres basicly endogenous pyrogen (we made it in our body) 
n exogenous pyrogen (comes from outside, wic means comes from the bacteria)

so when these substances r present in our blood, they wud travel to our 
to a higher temperature, lets say 39°C.
see, what increases here is the SETPOINT, not the body temp. (at least not yet)
so all of a sudden ur brain told ur body,

''hey2 dude, ur too clod lah. do sumthing bout it !''

but bear in mind, ur ACTUAL BODY TEMPERATURE stays the SAME. it DID NOT DECREASE.
but since ur setpoint is higher than ur actual body temp (wic is normal)
ur body think its too cold.

dats exactly wut made u feel so cold while ur body is burning up
during fever.

n since ur body think its too cold, it WILL DO SUMTHING BOUT IT.
ur body wud shiver, u wud go under the blanket,
and many other responses takes place.

so dat wut is causing ur body temp to rise up, thus causing fever.

n later when ur fever resides n ur getting better,

(assume dat uve manage to fight off the bacteria--->pyrogens decrease n decrease until theres none left)
ur setpoint in the hypothalamus go down to normal.
so now, ur setpoint is at normal,
but ur ACTUAL TEMPERATURE  is still abnormally higher than the setpoint.
so ur brain wud tell ur body,

''dude, ur too hot la. do sumthing please''
so then ur body wud respond by 
vasodilation, u wud sweat, ull throw away the blanket n so on,
so dat ur actual body temp wud fall.

dats y when ur getting better,
u feel so damn hot,
but ur actual temperature is usually around normal to slightly high.

bear in mind, during the middle of ur fever,
ur body temperature STAYS HIGH, 
but u will feel normal, not hot at all.
dats because ur body temperature matches the temperature of the setpoint.

fuh anyway.
im addicted to the Hush Sound. haha.
n im not alone.
ever since i played it loudly in the hall,
all of my housemates starts to humm this song all da tyme. haha.
~the sea's wine red, this is da lalalalalal...~

other than dat,
were addicted to LOTR game. eheh
bjam2 dok men rmai2.
cume acip n sfwn j xmen.

its a game not to be missed,
especially to fans of Age of Empires,
Warcraft, DOTA n Red Alert series.

dok men game j.
xbnyk gerak lately 
(jln pg kls not included)

jp ag nk  jgging arh.
tgk la klo ad mood.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

meja serta headphone~

today was..... hectic is exagerating. umm. busy is an understatement.
mayb tiring+fun may be da word. eheh. /sweat
(psss, ak mara, bkn jpa =p )
anyway. as it turn out today was great.
dlm post ku yang lepas, ive mentioned 'how in just 2 weeks da table can turn right around'
guess wut, it turned around again. (sory ckp belit2 cm k*l*ng) 
pg td dpt hidayah ap tah, i woke up at 5.06 am! hehe. tp ad r sumber pemangkin. but dats confidential. hehe
da wt sgale ap yg ptot, pg kelas kol 8.30
9 stat lcture smpi 9.56. histo of hemopoetic systm.
amazingly, i managed to capture every single word da doc say this time.
(fyi smlm da pg, tp hape pon x pahm, brangan bnyk sgt)
pas2 lepak2 dlm hall men psp, kol 10.30 2nd lecture stat, delivered by my fav lcturer, Dr. Ghada.
as always, being a great speaker and presenter dat she is, theres no sweat in 
understanding wut she teach.

kol 11.30 abehla. fuh. da tepu abeh da otak dok dalm hall almost 3 jam.
pas2 kol 1 plak ad ag 1. (gap 2 g mkn)
adeh. pnjg gle vavi. tp dapt la lukih2 evrything yg ptot. yg ni pon da pg smlm, tp hmpeh ap xpahm.
kua dewan leh tsenyum arh. eheh.
xtow arh knape arini. sbb pg td mkn milo serbuk kot. haha.
(btol la, koko-->brain release endorphin) huA2.

the thing as, br j smlm, frust nonggeng coz xdpt jwb quiz.
byg r, essay dapat 2/10, MCQ dapt 12/20
kalo sume trok, mayb sbb soklan mmg susa. tp si izat bleh jwb. 
dy esay dpt 6/10, MCQ dapt 16/20.
bukanla dengki. cume it made me realise how trok was i.
wut made me felt even worse, he said,
''kire ok la ni tdo, bgn, mkn ari2 dapt cm2''
kuang asam. ak std r gk sket2. hua2. xtaw la plak kalo he put up the act.
pas2 adelah bberape insan ngn slambe nye memontengkn diri lantas bli koshari kt kedai fathirah,
(name kdai 2 HIGAZ)

tp, mnarik gk. nk tgk wut wud dr. Ghada say in our next pbl. hehehe.
btter watch ur back people. hua2.

 eh3, lari dr tajuk plak.
td pas abeh klas, pg kt syarik galak (syarik means street)
n checkout meja.
lawak arh minah arab toh. hua3.
msuk2, br egt nk speakang arab,
''wut r u looking 4?''
wah2, maju plak kdai ni.

''im looking 4 a table. a study table''
''ok, come ere. this one 1200, this one 900''
kuang asam mnah ni. egt bpk ak cap duit agknye.
i was wearing a ocean blue EMZN shirt, jeans n DC shoes.
no blazer or coat 2day. so wth made her think i wudve afford dat.

''owh, u want something cheaper''
''yea, sure, wutever'' hak33.(ego neh)
''this one is 290(smaller), n this one is 360(bigger)''

n so i took time to think.
i know ill eventually buy it, but i dont wana give an impression dat im realy desperate,
coz then she'll never give me an EXTRA discount.
as i made a thinking-really-hard facial xpression, she said

''ok, i can give u a little discount for this one . 270''

u know wut, dats da exact same price dat kuchai got 1 month ago. hua3.
theres no way im losing to kuchai. eheh.
there must b a way.

then i started to think bout da chair. i wantd the ''pusing2'' kinda chair.

''lau mktab ma'a kursi...?''
=wut if i buy the table with a chair?

she smiled 2 her ears and laughed little

''leyh enta mush takkalim arabia abla kida!''
=y didnt u speak in arabic all diz while(lbeh kuang r)

hehehe. papelah arab oi. ne kusi?? (monolog dalaman)

''dah, 210.''
=here, this one is 210

again, i made a thinking-realy-super-hard xpression diz time.
arab ni nk klentong ni. ari2 kuchai bli meja n krusi=425
hmm.. tp dy xrespon kt 'gulp' ak kali neh.

''lau mktab bas, bikam?''
= if just the table, how much?

''270 tab'an''
=270 of course

''hmm, mumkin tahfit syuaia..?''
=cant u lower it a little (direct translation la)

''lak2, enta zaklan minni''

abende 2? hak3
cm pahm. tp apehal ak nk marah dy..??

''mara tani..?''
'=but why? can u repeat that?

''lau ana khud rukhiz, enta zaklan minni,''she said much slowly.

so i tried to transl8 it word by word.


its still doesnt make any sense!!

''muusssssssshhhhh fahim''
=taaaaaaak faham

''enta arif MASIF sah..?''

(she asked bout MASIF and H#$%^& earlier, but it didnt sound close enuf to make me rmmber i had a housemate named HASIF. hak3)
(n HASIF n kuchai had bought da same tble n chair b4)

((n fyi, kchai (KUSHAIRI) usually disguised his name as either ahmad@Muhammad@hamada. dats bcoz he wanna avoid the conflict when arabs heard his name. coz here, theres a local delicacy called KOSHARI, usually arabs wud either made  facial xpression like it was the most ridicolous thing they have ever hear, or laugh their heart out. but sumtimes he also create any arabic names dat come across his mind at the time. so dats y in this chick's mind kuchai's name is H#$%^&  ))

''HASIF?? aiwah2''
=acip? ye2

''lau ana tahfit, hasif zaklan min ni''
rupe2nye dy tkot si acip mara kalo acip taw ak dapt murah.

''mafish musykilah. ana musy(n i was trying to find da word for '''tell''')''
=no problem. i wudnt tell him


pas2 dy tkan2 kalkulator cm cine kt mesia wat n,


adeh. /dignose kuang asam 


pas byr ak pon kua n pg kdai komptr.
nk bli headphone coz earphone da rosk. nothing intresting tho.proses mmbli dy jela.

it was only 50 genih.
hahaha. da lme da brgn nk bli.
tp xsggup nk kua duet bli BLUETOOTH headphone.
diz one is cheap coz it only use the regular FM radio waves wic transmit waves 
with much2 lower frequancy than that of the radio waves of a BLUETOOTH headphone.

tp wuts intresting is dat it can b used as a monitor.

if i put the ''tower like thingy'' at the hall,  n i stayed in my room 

wearing the ''wireless headphone thingy,

i can listen to anything any1 talk about in da hall!!!
xya ccuk ap2. on j.

the tower like thingy actely function as the transmitter. (n it have a built in mic)
so if u connectit to ur mp3 player, or ur lptop, the tower thingy converts it 2 radio waves n send it to the headphone.

but 1 more thing. even more intrestingly:

imagine if u bought 2 of these!!!
surely it can b used as a walkie talkie.

haha. im not trying to keep an addictive story so u guys keep coming back. eheh.
the thing is kuchai pon bli mnde ni.
so xdela esok nk bli, so esok nk try, so esok cte ag kt blog, so wt org trtnye2, haha.

n it did work. 
(we can u know, juz use skype to call him yg bleknye xsmpi 6 mter from my room, but isnt it kool 2 b able to talk 2 ur fren, wirelessly, n free of course)

yea its kool!

but imagine if u have 8 of these. 
one for each floor.
imagine the possibilties.
xya r wt msyuart jmpe kt uma syzana (uma dorg jd mgse evrytime wt msyuart)

imagine dat~~~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr Ghada yang best 2

so i and anan  went downstairs and msuk r hall.
btw kes kali ni pasl male genital tract. so depa ni da sminggu dok wt lawak lucah laki. /XD 

 ((flashback sat. few weeks ago, kt 2nd case, it was my grup's turn to give the presentation. it was on congenital heart anomaly. so ak n atok n kak dyla n naily(gemuk) was assigned to do it. lpas discuss layout sme2 sume, i made the powerpoint (mlm 2 tdo kol 4)  soknye present, my part was only da intro n definition and classification. after the whole presentation was done n we were packing our bags, suddenly my prof picked up the mic n said, 
''umm, hanif juz 1 comment, next time (n i thot apelah lagi dy nak paku ak neh) make the font size of the summary bigger, n i know ur DA MAN BEHIND DA SHOW''
n she gave around of applause, n so did da whole hall. 
during dat time, i thot, yea, she may b ok-er then i thot.
man, was i wrong..))

so kumpln afif pon statla presentation. sume da bbel3 glir2. 5 org kot yg present. then smpai plak turn timi present. 
Apabila berlaku proses pertukaran pelajar yang menyampaikan persembahan mereka, jikalau pertukaran tersebut mengambil masa lebih dari 4 saat, secara norma nya akan berlakulah perbualan-perbualan kecil yang sekiranya gagal dikawal akan membawa kepada kebisingan yang melampau (dlm bahasa pasar utara memanggil keadaan ini sbagai HINGAQ) 
people started 2 talk. yang si anan sbla ak ni mule arh. 
Anan: weh2 satgi dak ni kua bkk sua n ckp ''yea, diz is da penis, diz is da testis''
oh tak dapt ku tertahan lawk bliau. ak bersusah payh mnahn diaphragm ku dr terglak.


''HANIF! YOU BETTER SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THIS PRESENTATION OR YOU CAN GET YOUR SORRY ASS OUT OF THIS HALL!!!!'' (maaf, penulis gemar menggunakan sedikit hiperbola dlm karangannya)

sudden complete silence. all eyes were on me. i was still oblivious n in shock. wth. 
pas2 ad sorg mamat dok sbla danial (sme row), bole dy nk tgelakkn ak time 2 gk.


pergh. time 2 kalola ak JUMPER. mmg ak blah dr hall 2. smbunyi blkg pntu jd arh. mlu x malu ckp lu. 
n i wondered if any1 thot 
''aik, ni bkn k mmat yg prof ni suke 2''
its funny how in just 2 weeks the table can turn right around.

but as they say it, theres always a silver lining behind every grey cloud(cm2la kot lbeh kuang bunyinya)
ad hikmah.
ak yg pmalas nk wat blog, dok2 tgguh2 bzaman2 akhrnye wt gk. coz i needed a place to vent.
blog yg ak wat time zmn mude2 dlu pon lme gle ak xsntuh smpai lupe pasword. hua2.

  a few hours ago mayb. tp by the time type natang neh, xd pe da.

  not quite. im not trying 2 tell dat shes a bad teacher. or even question her credibility. no. not at   all. shes brilliant of course   (  )n shes a gud teacher. tp mayb dr sgi mendidik, xsgt la. coz theres a diffrence between      MENGAJAR n MENDIDIK. 

  a few hours ago i thot of being realy quiet in pbl. (hua2, xle byg ap jd kalo ak wt cm2. bnyi      cgkerik r jwbnye)
  tp skang, hmm.. cm x. tahla.
  tp skang da nk pkol 9 n quiz ad luse n hmpeh ap pon xcver ag so nk std

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dr Ghada yg best

kate org, di sbalik musibah, pasti ad hikmahnye. cewah. cam blog ustz plak. dat is kinda wut hppened today. eheh. ni musibah dy r. kinda. haih~ juz when i thot it can never get any worse. hari ini sgt xbez. pbl cm hape.  prof pon mnembak j kje. da abeh mnembak egt abeh da. dy bom plak pale hotak ak. adeh. hmm..
ni kronologi dy r.
starting pg2, seemed evrybody failed to have done the whole research on the latest case. ak xpela, std kes 123, cewah. eheh. but i managed 2 get a grip on a few of the objectives. so time 2nd objctive (mechanism of action steroid and protein hormone), coz ive rmmbered it like it was at the back of my palm, i volunteered on pg kt whiteboard and lukis r sgale2nye. lukih2, mmbbel2. seap. fuh. dok blk. kre da stel da r part ak.

Pas2, time bncg objctive ke 4, pasl CELLULAR GROWTH. khairiah explen lah hyperplasia and hypertrophy sume2 tuh.(hyperplasia=increase in cell number, hypertrophy=increase in cell size) pas2 prof pon take over, ckp2 sal cntoh2 sel yg pki both of these mechanisms. ni quoted neh:

prof: hyperplasia  happens in all cells in the body, but muscle cells, they develop                thru hypertrophy. imagine if u exercise or lift weight, ur muscles get bigger                right?(btw she had a very deep british accent lol) 

/hmm((ak pon plek r, bia btol prof neh, smlm ak bce len))

so i arranged my words in a very lembut way so dat she wouldnt b offended and think that im trying to tell her i know more than she does. n every1 in the room turn their eyes on me.

me: umm, doctor, does that mean that the muscle cells does not have the ability to          divide itself  into more cells..? 
she glared at me 4 a while and replied

prof: hmm.., a little, but mainly muscle develops through size expansion, ok?
still unconvinced, i continued

me: ummm, but doctor, what about the diffrence in number of muscle cells in an 3 year old infant an a 30 year old man..? do you mean that they have the same amount of muscle cells..?

all eyes in the room turned to her. and there was this 'akward-silence-moment'. she replied:

prof: yea........ the  number is stil da same. they increase in just the size. ok listen, muscle cells never divide. they never go through hyperplasia, just hypertrophy, understand?????

adeh, so i made up 'curiousity satisfied' face and nodded.
i figured that the facts that i read was of new findings through the latest research. its like what people say,in medicine, the facts that we memorize today may be wrong tomorow. 
its good that right after that kak dyla went on to the next objective. kalo x, adeh. 

pas2 kak dyla plak cte sal changes during puberty.
dy paku ag,  ckp yg ap yg kak dyla ckp 2, bek xya ckp, sbb kalo xblja kes ni pon mesti da lame da taw, msti da blaja kt skola. 
wah, pedas sungguh. 
for a moment i saw kak dyla's frown+down face.
and the discussion went on...
the pbl ended. n sume stat mkn daging prof. kuang asam tol. hua2.
then we went 2 da hall 4 student's presentation

                                                                                                                                               to be continued