Tuesday, July 21, 2009

checkout MY new bebeh.

we finally bought a wii!!
u can also see da zamn kuno punye psOne kt blakg.
(sory r gmbr blurry, xd slr ((not yet :p)), x mcm org tu)

Monday, July 13, 2009


We started out through a misunderstanding,
A huge fight we had though i had no clue who were u,
Time passes by until
Frowns turn into smiles,
And Ko-Aku turns into u n i.

Never forget that day,
The day u said hey,
Y dont u n i,
Give US a try.

Each passing day feelings grow in mutual,
That saying i love u became a ritual,
That it made me thot there might be no end,
Never thot an agenda u kept deep within.

It was the day dat she reach homeland,
A huge surprise was waiting at the other end,
Old love sparks when eye meets eye,
Its that day that i hope i would die.

Nothing could of stop one rekindled old romance flame,
At least thats what u realy thought,
U made a decision and hold it firm,
Ending u and i n giving him another shot.

I begged her, please o please dont go,
Until my tears starts to flow,
Words flying to and fro,
At last even a tear ocean wont stop her will to go.

O how many times have i woke up from my sleep,
Pinching myself so hardly wishing dat it was just a dream,
O how much do i want to believe dat is was indeed,
I wish and i wish in the end i realised it was more real than it seemed.

What will happen now i dont know,
Hope shes happy with her man of choice,
I guess for me its the end of the show,
Though my time with her is my life's best joys.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


dats da exact impression everytime i met an old acquantance@fren@relative.

"OMG, anep"

haha. its as if i made people zkir n egt tuhan r kan.
haha. not quite.
coz there is a smbungan after dat.

"gemoknye ko. ap da jadi."
"ko makn ap kt mesir"

haih. nk wt cne. da makin sehat.
gona have to work the fats off lah kan. adeh.
kne la mrujuk dgn dieting guru cm tasha pasni.
ok2, sok kalo x ujan n ak bgn awl ak jogging.
wish me luck peep.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


akhirnye dapt gak tnet.
its been the third day since ive been here.
pnim gak r nk smpai sni.
mse nk nek flite nk g sni tu,
bygkan ktorg da seap2 dari asrama mara kt alex tu, ngn excited gle nk blah dari egypt,
smpai airport nk check in beg,
mamat yg jge kaunter tu pon mintak r tket n paspot.
(org tu ckp arab campur english yg sgt trok, ni version edited)

owh, ur going to dubai sir?
yes we are, safwan said with a smirk on his face.
wheres ur visa?
no i mean visa of dubai. visa of residence.
????????? wth.
no we dont have a visa.
u cant stay at a country without a visa sir.
no3, were not staying there. after a few days were going to malaysia.
owh, in dat case were going to need ur ticket to malaysia.
what?? no, its like this. my father works in dubai. n im coming there to vsit him.
n he was the one who bought the tickets. he emailed this ticket slip yesterday.
n he havent bought the tikcet to malaysia. u expect my father to buy the ticket n email it to me now? its 11pm in dubai! n u expect me to print it now in this airport????
im sory sir. i cannot let u pass without a visa of dubai or any prove that ur going to malaysia afterwards. i need to see ur ticket to malaysia.
safwan call bpak ko.
ayah, dye nk tket g mesia.
ha, ayh xbli ag. meh bg ayh ckp ngn dye.

.................................................AYH SAFWAN NEGOTIATE.........................................

pnjg gle mamat tu explen but the conclusion:


the thing is, if ur a malaysian, n u come to any part of UAE, dubai k abu dhabi k,
uve got 30 days limit to stay here, no question asked. tp mamat ni cm bdoh sket.
company baru r katekan. takot nk longgar2 sket.

last2, ktorg ponn tarik la beg kua dari airport n dduk termenung kt tman dpan tu.

nk wtpe ni.
*sigh simultaneously*

we sat there silently in reminiscence, thinking how are we in such a bad luck.
melayang r duet sribu lbeh genih worth of ticket.


in the dark sky, we saw the plane we were supposed to ride.
we both looked down back.

the image of ilmi joyfully laughing when he managed to succesfully checked in his bags in cairo airport six hours ago starts to form in my mind.

the image of acip's drool oozing from his mouth while he comfortably sleeps in his seat on his way to malaysia replace ilmi's image..


cmne nih. xkan nk blk kt asrama mara. segann kot.
tu r pasl. sume org da taw te blk arni. maleh plak a nk explen sbjik2 sorg2.


elo ayah. da bli tket g mesia? SIA? tket dari egypt g dbai? ow lom. ok.. ha, tdo hotel? xd duet r ayh. ayh ganti?? ok3.
(i didnt know what sfwan's father said)

so with sfwan's father green light,
we gloomily dragged our bags out of the airport n took a cab n checked into whatever hotel in sight.
we were too down to care.

esoknye ayh sfwan kol n ckp the flite was on that nite.
dat news cheered us up a little.
lpas print tket, we went to alex's famous library to kill time.

around 3pm, we were already in the airport eagerly waiting to check our bags in.
the flite was at 6pm tho.

so we waited , n waited n waited,
taw2 j da kt dalm plane.

bbye egypt!

a few hours later we landed in dubai.
fuuhhhh.. lega.
dapt gak smpai.

but umah ayh sfwan xd tnet.
ni baru dapt online kt starbucks kt mall.

btw smalm we went to al-ain, another district in UAE,
kua umah around kol 7pg. smpai dalm kol 10 kot.
n ride a thing called tobaggon, or sumthing like dat. not sure how its spelled tho.
u ride this thing down hill in a sitting position but with ur feet set straight forward.
it was fun. pas2 jaln2 smpai lah kol satu pagi.
ill post the pics later.
tommorow maybe we'll go the burj sumthing its called, alah the famous landmark of dubai tu.

arni xd wat pape sgt kot.
bgn2 tgk tv. pas2 masak utk ayh sfwan. pas2 kua g mall jap. (the mall is in walking distance from the house)
pas2 blk umah swim2 smpai kol 7, pas2 g gym, dalm kol 9 nek umah.
kol sploh kua blk g mall masuk starbuck nk on9.
fuh. abehla these past few days im here.
still got like 5@4days more here.

xtaw r nk watpe.

p/s:im missing malaysia so badly..