Monday, July 13, 2009


We started out through a misunderstanding,
A huge fight we had though i had no clue who were u,
Time passes by until
Frowns turn into smiles,
And Ko-Aku turns into u n i.

Never forget that day,
The day u said hey,
Y dont u n i,
Give US a try.

Each passing day feelings grow in mutual,
That saying i love u became a ritual,
That it made me thot there might be no end,
Never thot an agenda u kept deep within.

It was the day dat she reach homeland,
A huge surprise was waiting at the other end,
Old love sparks when eye meets eye,
Its that day that i hope i would die.

Nothing could of stop one rekindled old romance flame,
At least thats what u realy thought,
U made a decision and hold it firm,
Ending u and i n giving him another shot.

I begged her, please o please dont go,
Until my tears starts to flow,
Words flying to and fro,
At last even a tear ocean wont stop her will to go.

O how many times have i woke up from my sleep,
Pinching myself so hardly wishing dat it was just a dream,
O how much do i want to believe dat is was indeed,
I wish and i wish in the end i realised it was more real than it seemed.

What will happen now i dont know,
Hope shes happy with her man of choice,
I guess for me its the end of the show,
Though my time with her is my life's best joys.

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